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Beauty, other sense of truth.

Simone de Beauvoir once said  ‘BEAUTY is even more difficult to explain than HAPINESS‘ and she was right.


BEAUTY constantly imposes on us its presence . Plato said “Beauty is HARD “.


Policleto set a canon in classical Greek antiquity, and BEAUTY was considered as PROPORTION in the human body be the same, equate to seven and a half times the height from HEAD .


It was in the first century BC when VITRUVIUS did consist in the fact of BEAUTY as HARMONIC proportion of parts . Although it would be to come RENAISSANCE when Leonardo da Vinci was inspired in the architect, writer, engineer and Roman swindler as the interpretation of all those rules of proportion defined by Vitruvius in his ‘Ten Books of Architecture’ . LEONARDO was inspired by that figure when he made the design of  ‘The Vitruvian Man‘,  hence the interpretation of BEAUTY at its best GLORY.


Physical beauty is EPHEMERAL and therefore imperfect . The beauty, the REAL beauty NEVER die, it will becomes even more beautiful through the EYES.


Our specialized fashion and beauty photographer ENTRAMBASAGUAS has an innate talent and ability to perceive not only with his bodily eyes but with his SOUL eyes . Thus the beauty donation, LOVE ,virtue : ‘ The immortal beauty ‘ is discovered internally with a spirit eyes.


Who can deny that beauty exists? Cervantes wrote, ‘ The beauty that is accompanied with honesty is beauty, and no honesty, it ‘s not a good look ‘. Who is looking beauty with  HONESTY will be able to see it with SOUL eyes. And those eyes, inevitably, will lead the viewer to the same BEAUTY .


Carlos Fuentes said ‘There is no beauty without any LOOK . It is natural what an artist favors the GAZE. But a great artist is not invited only to have a look, just BRING to IMAGINE.’


BEAUTY is the brand that usually smiling brightly in KINDNESS, in truth and in LOVE of the works you can make every day in LIFE, in your career or in your actions.


So we all do in danidogfilms, so he does,

Ernesto ENTRAMBASAGUAS and how to take his “beauty” SHOT, his best snapshot.


BEAUTY is truth and TRUTH is beauty .

YOU rock, my dear cousin !


The Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their DREAMS .
Eleanor Roosevelt

© danidog


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